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Ms. Cyr - MS Social Studies

Welcome to Middle School Social Studies!

Eighth Grade: US History/Civics
In eighth grade, we begin with early United States History. We pause during the time of the Revolutionary War to study our founding documents and the US Constitution. The last part of the year covers United States History through the Civil War. 

Seventh Grade: Eastern Hemisphere
In seventh grade, we cover the geography, history and culture of the Eastern Hemisphere. We begin with early civilizations, including Mesopotamia, Egypt, Greece, and Rome. Then, we focus on the history, geography, and current issues of China, Russia, Australia, and the African Continent.

History Day
History Day is a state/national contest open to students in grades 7-12. Students research topics they are interested in, and create exhibits, documentaries, performances, websites, and papers. History Day meetings are every Tuesday after school.
7th Grade Field Trip to Boston Museum of Fine Arts
March 16th

High Mowing Seeds for Sale!
See Ms. Cyr or any History Day students for details.