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Welcome to HUB, Black River's Homework and After School Activity Club. 

Starting on Monday, September 12, 2016, HUB will be available as follows:
 Monday  2:45-3:45
 Tuesday 2:45-3:45
 Thursday 2:45-3:45
 Friday 2:45-3:45
Please note that HUB is not available on Wednesdays and early release days.  Also, there will be no HUB Thanksgiving week,  Christmas week and for the month of June.   

What HUB has to offer:
  • Two teachers in core subject areas to support student learning;
  • Library Learning Commons resources including text, technology, quiet space, and collaborative space;
  • A casual atmosphere that encourages creative and intellectual work; and
  • A series of workshops in diverse fields of interest.
Who  attends HUB:
  • Any student in grades 7-12;
  • Students with a grade of 60 or below in any class; and
  • Students referred to HUB (for make-up work, additional support, and/or as deemed necessary by teachers, the school Counselor, or parents).