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Academic Planning

The Guidance Department of Black River High School makes available this handbook as a guide to your high school academic program. You must remember that the recommendations are general. The only true program is one that you have chosen with:
  1. Careful and resourceful consideration
  2. Your future in mind
  3. Counseling and advisement with an eye to employment trends
  4. Post secondary school prerequisites
Parents are encouraged to contact the Guidance Director with any questions or concerns about the course selection process at (802) 875-4742.

Graduation Requirements and
Recommended Program for College

Minimum Requirements for Graduation Recommended Program for Competitive Colleges
English4 Credits English4 Credits
Mathematics3 Credits 
Science3 Credits Science4 Credits
Social Studies3 Credits Social Studies4 Credits
Health .5 Credit 

Foreign Language

3-4 Credits
(consecutive years)
Art/Music1 Credit Health.5 Credit
Physical Education1.5 Credits Physical Education1.5 Credits
Electives12 Credits Art/Music1 Credit
   Electives9-12 Credits
Total28 Credits   
A total of 28 credits is required for graduation at Black River High School.  Students are also required to perform community service and be certified in CPR/AED (training provided by the school).

In order to progress to the next grade level, students must earn the following number of credits:
For Grade 10:  5 credits
For Grade 11:  12 Credits
For Grade 12:  20 Credits

Specific course requirements include selected English courses, U.S. History/AP U.S. History, and World History as noted under the Course Descriptions.  Each student also must carry a minimum course load of eight (8) credits each year while carrying no fewer than four (4) credits each semester.  Seniors who meet the requirements for senior privileges may carry 6 credits per year, with a minimum of 3 per semester. 
Suggested Sequence of Courses: 
Freshman Sophomores
English 9English 10 Mythology-Writing Workshop
Algebra I, Pre-Algebra, or Basic MathAlgebra I or Geometry
World History IWorld History II
Physical Science I & IILaboratory Biology
Foreign LanguageForeign Language
Physical EducationHealth
Electives:Driver's Education

Art/Music/Computer Courses

Physical Education
 Electives: Art/Music/Computer Courses
Juniors Seniors
American Literature or Honors American Literature British Literature or AP English
Geometry or Algebra IIGeometry or Algebra II
US History or AP US History AP US History, Psychology, or Contemporary Problems
Lab Chemistry or Practical Chemistry AP Biology, Laboratory Physics, or Advanced Chemistry
Foreign Language Foreign Language
Electives Electives
Technical Education Program Technical Program
As a school, we are committed to providing a quality education for all students through a range of courses that allow all students to meet the graduation requirements. When planning a program for your remaining years at BRHS, you should remember that the courses listed in the Program of Studies are proposed course offerings and that selected courses are offered only in alternate years.