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Welcome Back everyone!

It is amazing how fast time flies! I hope you all had a great and restful summer, and are ready to begin a great new year! I am very excited to be back and look forward to having a great new year!

A quick introduction to those of you who do not know me; my name is Deb Harrison and I am the School-Based Clinician here at Black River Middle School and High School. My office is in the Guidance Department, next to the Main Office. Feel free to stop by, or contact me by my direct phone line at 802-228-3505. You can also contact me via email if that is easier for you at deborah.harrison@trsu.org. PLEASE do not leave me an email if it is a crisis, as it is not always a timely way to reach me, and also DO NOT leave personal information/details on an email, as I can not guarantee its confidentiality. My phone is a much more private way to communicate with me.

My job is to provide therapeutic, mental health services to the students at Black River. I typically work with students whose emotional difficulties interfere with their ability to function in school, at home, or in the community. Some common issues include managing symptoms of anxiety, depression, substance abuse, trauma, stress or pain. I can help kids prepare for major transitions or support them through changes. I work with students who struggle with issues of grief, loss, abuse and other relationship issues. ‘Work’ could be in the form of individual, family or group counseling; skills building and development, case management, advocacy or information/resource sharing. I can provide mental health crisis support during the school schedule. IF YOU HAVE A MENTAL HEALTH CRISIS AND IT IS AFTER SCHOOL HOURS OR YOU CAN NOT REACH ME, PLEASE CALL THE CRISIS TEAM AT 1-800-622-4235!

If you are looking for emotional support or resources for your Black River Student, or if you have concerns that you would like to discuss, please feel free to call me at the 228-3505 number. Everything discussed with me is confidential unless it is an issue of reporting abuse or neglect. I am unable to share any information, even with the school, without written parental permission.

Wishing everyone a great and healthy school year!