Course Progressions

Possible Sequences of Math Courses

Pre-Algebra [one credit]

Students are preparing for Algebra I: Topics include properties of numbers and operations; variables and solving one-step and multi-step equations and inequalities; factoring and exponents; fraction review in the context of ratios, proportions and probability; graphing and writing linear functions; square roots and the Pythagorean theorem; measurement, area, and volume; simple data analysis and finally simple geometry.

Algebra I [one credit]

This full course in Algebra I is the traditional start to high school mathematics. Topics include algebraic expressions, equations, and functions; solving, graphing and writing linear functions and inequalities; solving systems of linear functions; exponents and exponential growth and decay functions; polynomials and factoring. Additional topics (as time allows) include quadratic functions, data analysis, and probability.

Informal Geometry [one credit]

Informal geometry is designed for those students who best fit a less formal course but one that aligns with many of the tech center offerings. Topics include the language of plane geometry; angles; polygons and polyhedrons; introduction to transformations; triangles and inequalities; congruent triangles; parallel lines; properties of quadrilaterals; perimeter and area; similarity and similar triangles; square roots and right triangles; circles; area and volume of prisms and of other 3D figures; a little trigonometry; and transformations and coordinate geometry.

Pre-Requisite: Successful completion of an Algebra course.

Geometry [one credit]

Following the classic Geometry curriculum, this course’s topics include Tools and Language of Geometry; Reasoning and Proof; Parallel and Perpendicular Lines; Congruent Triangles and Relationships in Triangles; Quadrilaterals; Proportions and Similarity; Right Triangles and Basic Trigonometry; Transformations; Circles and arcs, chords and secants; Areas of Polygons and Circles, Surface Area and Volume.

Pre-Requisite: Successful completion of Algebra I

Algebra II [one credit]

Algebra II is the second part of the traditional algebra course sequence. Topics include quadratic functions and factoring, polynomials and polynomial functions; rational exponents and radical functions; exponential and logarithmic functions, rational functions; sequences and series. Additional topics (as time allows) include data analysis and statistics; quadratic relations and conic sections; trigonometric ratios and functions, trig graphs, identities, and equations.

Pre-Requisites: Successful completion of Algebra I and Geometry

Pre-Calculus [one credit]

This course is a preparation for Calculus and is sometimes referred to as Algebra III. The course is designed for those students who will move into STEM fields after graduation. Topics include a review of linear relations and functions; systems of linear functions and linear programming; review of families graphs such as radical, inverse, and absolute functions; polynomial and rational functions; trigonometric functions, graphs, inverses, identities and common formulas; exponential and logarithmic functions. If time allows, additional topics include conics, vectors, polar coordinates, sequences and series.

Pre-Requisite: Grade of B or better in Algebra II

Calculus AP [two credits]

Following the AP-approved curriculum, topics include a broad functions review; limits; derivatives of polynomial functions and derivative applications; indefinite and definite integrals and integral applications; transcendental functions; and integration methodology.

Pre-Requisite: Grade of B or better in Pre-Calculus;


Consumer Math* [one credit]

This math elective is designed for those seniors (and occasional juniors) who need more math credit but who should not be enrolled in Algebra II.

Pre-Requisite: none.

Probability/Statistics [one credit]

Designed for the student who wishes a math elective that doesn’t require a Pre-Calculus prerequisite, this course will look primarily at Probability, Statistics and Data Analysis. We’ll look create and analyze surveys and studies.

Pre-Requisites: Successful completion of Algebra I and Geometry; Junior or Senior

Trigonometry [one-half credit]

A stand-alone course in trigonometry, this course is designed for those students who want to further their study in math without a Pre-Calculus pre-requisite. Topics include the Trigonometric Functions; Graphs and Inverses of the Trig Functions; and Trig Identities and equations.

Pre-Requisite: Successful completion of Algebra II

SAT Topics Review [one-half credit]

This course is designed for juniors or seniors who have completed Algebra I and Geometry (informal Geometry is also acceptable) and who are planning on taking the SAT test (or ACT test) at the end of the course. Topics include review of the algebra, geometry and general math topics that occur on the test; grammar and writing practice, including several practice essays; vocabulary study; and some familiarization with the types of readings that students will face.

Pre-Requisites: Successful completion of Algebra I and either Geometry; Junior or Senior.

Any college-bound junior or senior whose PSAT scores were below 500 is strongly encouraged to take this course.


This math elective is designed for all high school students. There are four major topics: spreadsheets, HTML, Scratch, and Javascript. Students will be introduced to the four programming languages, using them to solve problems using a computer. This is not intended to be an exhaustive look at any particular language; rather, we hope to spark an interest that leads students to continue exploring and learning a computer language on their own.

Pre-Requisite: Successful completion of Algebra I