Ms. Cyr - MS Social Studies

Welcome to Middle School Social Studies!

Eighth Grade: US History/Civics

In eighth grade, we begin with early United States History. We pause during the time of the Revolutionary War to study our founding documents and the US Constitution. The last part of the year covers United States History through the Civil War.

Seventh Grade: Eastern Hemisphere

In seventh grade, we cover the geography, history and culture of the Eastern Hemisphere. We begin with early civilizations, including Mesopotamia, Egypt, Greece, and Rome. Then, we focus on the history, geography, and current issues of China, Africa, and Russia.

History Day

All students in middle school complete an original historical research project according to National History Day guidelines. The projects are presented locally at Black River History Day, and students who qualify have the option of competing at Vermont History Day in Montpelier. Winners at the state level compete in Washington, DC in June!

Field Study

New for 2017-18!

We live in an area rich with history, and there are many opportunities for students to enrich their studies outside the school building. This year, students will be visiting historical sites, and also working with local historians to examine maps, documents, and the now forested remnants of buildings and towns.

Middle School Social Studies Proficiencies

National Geographic

Giant Traveling Map of Africa

Middle School students had the privilege recently of being visited by National Geographic's Giant Traveling Map of Africa. This map visits schools all across the country, and provides an interactive and fun way to learn geography.