Truancy is inappropriate absences from school, which is defined as unexcused or insufficient excuse for absence. The Department of Children and Family Services (DCF) and the truant officer will be notified of any child of compulsory school age, who has not attended school for more than 10 consecutive days. The school and the social/law enforcement agencies will work cooperatively with truant children and their families.

A student will be declared truant when:

    • A student fails to attend a full school day and his/her parent or guardian has not made contact with the school.
    • When a student has missed 15 days of school in a three-month period.

School officials will make a request for a Truancy or Police Officer to make a home visit:

    • When a parent or guardian makes a request.
    • If there are any concerns over the safety of the student.
    • When a pattern develops with unexcused absences from school.
    • When a student has been out for three consecutive days and his/her parent or guardian has not made contact with the school.

Re-admittance Procedure

The following procedure has been developed to streamline the process so that students who wish to return to school may re-enroll. The goal is to have this readmission done in a systematic manner that ensures that the best educational planning and scheduling to the enrollee. This procedure will only apply to those enrollees who are over the age of sixteen and have dropped out of school.


Enrollees must enter at the beginning of a school semester. Enrollees must submit a written statement of reasons for returning to school and its connection to their future plans. The enrollee’s schedule will be developed by the school counselor and approved by the principal. Enrollees should make the request to re-enroll two weeks before the beginning of a semester.


If a child is above compulsory school age, they will be unenrolled at the school if they miss more than ten consecutive school days.

Please Note: Truancy and Unenrollment does not apply to special education students, 504 students, and agency referrals.