Educational Support Team

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What is the Education Support System?

The Educational Support System is a school-based system designed to help all students improve their school performance and help them grow academically, socially, emotionally, and physically. The system provides a way for school staff to address students’ varying needs in school. Each Vermont school is required, by law, to develop an Educational Support System (ESS) and Educational Support Team (EST).

What is the Educational Support Team?

The Educational Support Team is a group of school staff who meet to review individual student referrals and recommend needed changes in the student’s program. Teams usually have classroom teachers, a school counselor, the school nurse, special education teachers, parents and others as members. Parents are encouraged to be members of their child’s team.

Why would I need to know about the Educational Support Team?

You may need to know about the Educational Support Team because it can help your child if he or she is having difficulty in school. Parents may want to refer their child to the Team or the child may be referred to the Team by school staff. If you have concerns, you may refer your child to the EST by contacting your school principal.

What will the EST do for my child?

The EST will develop a plan to assist your child. In order to do this effectively, parents are considered active partners with the school. If your child is referred to the EST, you will receive a letter inviting you and your child to attend the EST meeting. At the meeting, the EST will discuss services or accommodations that might assist your child in the school setting. Examples include extended time to complete tasks, a homework group, a behavior plan, tutoring, a peer buddy, and/or the services of an aide, the school nurse, or community service providers. Assistance may also be useful from the special educator. If you or the Team feel it would be helpful, a referral may be made for a comprehensive evaluation which is part of the special education process.