College Application Timeline

College Application Timeline for Seniors


· Register for the SAT, ACT and/or SAT Subject Tests.

· Wrap up campus visits.

· Check with Mrs. Rumrill about fall visiting schedule of college reps.

· Work on your application essay!

· Complete your resume or activity sheet.

· Ask for teacher and counselor recommendations. Make sure you have the appropriate forms for each college. Get counselor’s and teachers’ e-mail addresses if using the Common Application on-line.


· Be aware of all your application deadlines.

· Make sure you have requested teacher recommendation forms and counselor recommendation forms (Teacher Report and School Report on Common Application). You will do this on-line or by paper depending on your school’s requirements. Common Applications are best done on-line.

· Photocopy or print a copy of your applications before you send them (even if applying on line). Have your counselor review them with you.

· Have an English teacher or your counselor proofread your essay.

· Take any necessary SAT tests. Some colleges will require SAT Subject Tests in addition to the standard SAT test.

· FOR SAT AND ACT TESTS: YOU ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR MAKING SURE THAT YOU ORDER A SCORE REPORT TO BE SENT TO EACH COLLEGE TO WHICH YOU APPLY. With the exception of colleges that do not require score reports, every college will require an official score report. Your counselor can not send score reports for you.

· Attend “Paying for College” night on October 20 6-7pm.

· Complete CSS Profile if required by your college


· Complete all applications!!! Make copies of everything. Let your counselor know if you are applying on-line.

· Make an appointment with your counselor to review and send your applications (even if you are applying on-line).

· Take any necessary SAT or ACT tests.


· Meet with your counselor to verify that all applications are complete and sent to colleges!


· Prepare your FAFSA form. Check to see if your colleges require additional financial aid forms

· Begin your scholarship search.


· Review college acceptances and financial aid offers.

· Go back and visit your top-choice schools, then make your final decision.

· Be sure your deposit is sent to the school you will attend by May 1st!


· Make sure your deposit is received by chosen college by May 1st.